Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UFO SIGHTINGS: MUFON Case - Black Triangle-Shaped UFO Sighting in Oakdale, California On March 3, 2013!

March 06, 2013 - UNITED STATES - A black triangle-shaped UFO was spotted by the people in Oakdale, CA. The unidentified flying object shocked the community when they saw it hovered in the sky for around 8 minutes before it was completely disappeared to their naked eye. The event reportedly happened on March 3, 2013 at around 4:15 in the afternoon. One witness reported the incident to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

According to the reporting witness, their UFO sighting started when a neighbour pointed it out in the sky. The witness was in the backyard together with her family members during that time. Their neighbour offered them binoculars to get a better look of the strange thing.

Through using a binocular, she saw a black, triangular-shaped flying thing. The UFO was hovering from the witness point of view but she was not sure because it was very far away. Her husband estimated that the unusual object was around five miles away from the ground.

There was a debate of the movement whether it was caused by the shaking hands or the object really was moving. The neighbour said that he had witnessed the object hovering in the sky for around five times.

The reporting witness said that she saw the object turned clockwise slightly before it was completely disappeared. However, there was no images or videos being included on the MUFON report filed on March 4, 2013. A city in Stanislaus County, Oakdale has a 20, 675 population. - MUFON.


Blogger said...

Just spotted a craft nearly identical to this hovering over the fields near Oxnard, CA shortly before 8 tonight. Some differences from what's shown here: the lights were on the tips of the triangle, not inboard as seen here, and there were no other lights like the ones on the edge or the red glow in this image. Just a dark gray/black triangle with illuminated tips. It hovered motionlessly for a few minutes. Thought it was a helicopter until I got almost directly under it. Pulled off the road to get a closer look but within 10 second it shot off at incredible speed. Not physics-defying fast, just very fast, in direction of the naval base.

Catherine Jeffries said...

I saw a black triangle above my house in a very populated suburb of Adelaide, Australia. It was boomerang shaped though, 700-1000 ft up, if i werevto imagine it up close i wld guess maybe the size of an Olympic pool. Gliding soundless at around 30 kph, 9pm in late 2013. I watched it for about ten seconds,; trying to believe my eyes before i grabbed my man's arm,; but on cue it went behind the tree line and didn't appear out the other side.
I feel it's military, but menacing nonetheless.

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