Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UFO SIGHTINGS: UFO Seen Over Cumbria, United Kingdom - September 29, 2013!

October 16, 2013 - UNITED KINGDOM - A man from the town of Keswick in Cumbria County in the UK recently notified a local newspaper about a strange object he spotted in the sky in late September in hopes to find other witnesses. He says the object appeared to be a sphere with lights around the perimeter that were pulsating and changing color.

Richard Smith says he spotted the UFO around 5:30 am on September 29. At first it appeared to be a white light. He told the News & Star he thought it might be a satellite, helicopter, or airplane. However, the longer he watched it, the more strange he thought it was.

He quickly trained his telescope on the object, and what he saw confirmed to him that the object was something unusual. He used his iPhone to record the object through the telescope for a little less than a minute.

The video does not appear to show a simple point of light, but what appears to be a sphere surrounded by flashing multi-colored lights.

The News & Star interviewed local UFO expert Pat Regan who said that if the video is a fake, it is well done. He continued:
It is rather difficult to say more at this stage because we cannot ascertain the actual size of the entity, for there is no other object in the video to base its dimensions upon such as a tree, a building or the moon, etc.
One person who has commented on the video is certain it is a star out of focus. When asked what type of telescope was used to film the object, Smith answered that it was a Jessops TA800x80. A reflecting telescope will have a black circle in the middle of the image if it is out of focus. This commenter may be suggesting that a dim star out of focus may be what Smith captured. - Open Minds.

 WATCH: Unexplained light in the sky in the Lake District.

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