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UFO SIGHTINGS: UFOs Fly Close To Airplane Over Sydney, Australia - September 29, 2013!

September 30, 2013 - AUSTRALIA - Multiple UFO sightings over Sydney, Australia were captured on camera on the 29th of September, 2013.

I filmed the plane then one spheres object passing the plane high speed. This object was traveled from the city towards Wollongong. Soon after another large object appeared. 

WATCH: UFOs over Sydney.


September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - The top 10 UFO cases of 2012 recently released by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the subject of web radio show Topic UFO with Host Rick Scouler, according to show details released September 24, 2013.

Artist and case investigator Norm Gagnon produced this illustration of a father and son flying in a small
plane who witnessed a UFO at close range.. Norman Gagnon illustration.

Scouler interviews Robert Powell, MUFON's Science Review Board Director, who walks listeners through each of the 10 cases. In two of the cases, MUFON field investigators step in for an inside look at their cases.

MUFON STAR Team Investigator Norman Gagnon talks about Case 36293 that took place February 18, 2012, near Chase City, VA, involving father and son pilots who witnessed an orb-like object about 30 feet in diameter that came close to their aircraft that briefly shut down their engine and all electrical equipment.

Wisconsin Chief Investigator Mark O'Connell discusses Case 41289 that took place July 13, 2012, in a rural area near Hartford, WI. This is a story involving a mother and daughter who witnessed a silent object that appeared just above their garage.

WATCH: MUFON's Top UFO Cases Of 2012.

The other eight cases are reviewed by Powell in this in-depth interview. Watch the complete interview here or on this page. Scouler uses a mix of video and audio for his shows. Powell, Gagnon and O'Connell all appear on video through SKYPE technology. When available, Scouler also shows witness images of illustrations of the objects seen.

In case you missed it, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer Jim Stingl covered the Wisconsin case as Hartford adds UFO sightings to its small-town appeal. Writer James Ragland with the Dallas Morning News recently covered the Cleburne, TX, case as Reported UFO activity rose last year, with major sightings in Texas. - UFO Examiner.

UFO SIGHTINGS: Two Planes Seen Escorting A UFO Over New Jersey Shore - August, 2013!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - A recent UFO sighting video has caused intrigue due to the object's close proximity to two planes.

In the video uploaded by LookNowTV last month, the object is flying at the same speed as the planes, and some even purport that it is refueling from one of the planes.

Triangle UFO sighting video. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

"This UFO sighting was recorded from the high floors of a luxury condominium, on the New Jersey shore," writes LookNowTV in the UFO sighting video description.

"The person recording the tape added that the UFO and planes were moving really fast, and that's why they were not able to keep them in focus for a long period of time. You can hear the person filming was having difficulty with focusing in on the object. You can clearly see a UFO being escorted by two dark aircraft. On the audio of this UFO video, the person recording the sighting can be heard asking, 'Is that one of them government drone things?'"

This theory, of course, is also what many skeptics believe to be the case with this UFO sighting. After all, triangle-shaped aircrafts have been seen and used by the military.

WATCH: Two planes escort a UFO over New Jersey.

"A couple of USAF DC10 extenders refueling an experimental aircraft. But why so low and why fly a secret aircraft over such a built up area," asks Sarah Ward.

"Probably a new stealth bomber or something, they never showed us the first one until well after its use in many missions. When they retire the plane is when they will show us what it is. But it would be much cooler if it was aliens with a US escort," adds IRISHgamer.

Others, however, are more suspicious of seeing such a sight.

"In late August 1989, while working as an engineer on the jack-up barge GSF Galveston Key in the North Sea, Chris Gibson and another witness saw an unfamiliar isosceles triangle-shaped delta aircraft, apparently refueling from a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and accompanied by a pair of F-111 fighter-bombers," writes Richard Lee. - KpopStarz.

UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Mission Captures - Massive UFOs Seen From NASA's Project Gemini Mission!

September 29, 2013 - SPACE - In the  following video, taken from NASA's multimedia archives, UFOs and various aerial anomalies can be seen by NASA's Project Gemini Mission.

WATCH: Secret Spacecraft.

See original image HERE.

WATCH: "Time Ships".

See original image HERE.

UFO SIGHTINGS: Glowing UFOs Seen Over New Jersey Beach - September 25, 2013!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - The following video was recorded by a woman who was walking along the beach at Long Branch and noticed glowing UFO lights in the distance.

This was recorded on the 25th of September, 2013.

WATCH: UFO orbs over New Jersey.

UFO SIGHTINGS: Mysterious UFO Lights Over Yakima, Washington Spur Calls To UFO Center - September, 2013!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - A lot of you got in touch with us asking about some strange lights in the sky last night. There is no alien invasion to report.

KIMA looked into it and found out a lot of you were also getting in touch with the UFO Center. Calls came in from Yakima, Zillah, Toppenish and Sunnyside.

We got some answers from the Yakima Training Center. The center says the lights were coming from some military exercises.

“There were a lot of people, the whole block was outside and lined up you know. At first everyone was like, kind of had the same reaction, 'oh no way it's this, that'”, said JR who watched the whole event.

The Yakima Training Center says the lights were either coming from illumination rounds or military beacons that can reflect light when it's foggy. - KIMA.

WATCH: UFO lights over Yakima.

UFO SIGHTINGS: More Strange UFO Lights Seen Over Germany - 2013!

September 29, 2013 - GERMANY - More strange UFO lights were seen hovering in the skies over Germany. This was recorded sometime this year.

WATCH: UFO lights over Germany.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL MEMES: Life On Mars - NASA's First Mars' Rock Similar To Those On Earth's Ocean Islands And Mars' Gale-Crater Science Instrument Finds High Percentage Of Water!

September 29, 2013 - MARS - The first rock that scientists analyzed on Mars with a pair of chemical instruments aboard the Curiosity rover turned out to be amazing – a pyramid-shaped volcanic rock called a "mugearite" that is unlike any other Martian igneous rock ever found. Dubbed "Jake_M" – after Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Jake Matijevic – the rock is similar to mugearites found on Earth, typically on ocean islands and in continental rifts.

NASA's First Mars' Rock Similar To Those On Earth's Ocean Islands.

The process through which these rocks form often suggests the presence of water deep below the surface, according to Martin Fisk, an Oregon State University marine geologist and member of the Mars Science Laboratory team. "On Earth, we have a pretty good idea how mugearites and rocks like them are formed," said Fisk, who is a co-author on all three Science articles. "It starts with magma deep within the Earth that crystallizes in the presence of 1-2 percent water. The crystals settle out of the magma and what doesn't crystallize is the mugearite magma, which can eventually make its way to the surface as a volcanic eruption."

Fisk, who is a professor in OSU's College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, said the most common volcanic rocks typically crystallize in a specific order as they cool, beginning with olivine and feldspar. In the presence of water, however, feldspar crystallizes later and the magma will have a composition such as mugearite.

Although this potential evidence for water deep beneath the surface of Mars isn't ironclad, the scientists say, it adds to the growing body of studies pointing to the presence of water on the Red Planet – an ingredient necessary for life.

"The rock is significant in another way," Fisk pointed out. "It implies that the interior of Mars is composed of areas with different compositions; it is not well mixed. Perhaps Mars never got homogenized the way Earth has through its plate tectonics and convection processes."

In another study, scientists examined the soil diversity and hydration of Gale Crater using a ChemCam laser instrument. They found hydrogen in all of the sites sampled, suggesting water, as well as the likely presence of sulphates. Mars was thought to have three stages – an early phase with lots of water, an evaporation phase when the water disappeared leaving behind sulphate salts, and a third phase when the surface soils dried out and oxidized – creating the planet's red hue.

"ChemCam found hydrogen in almost every place we found iron," Fisk said.

The third study compared grains of rock on the surface with a darker soil beneath at a site called the Rocknest Sand Shadow. Some of the sand grains are almost perfectly round and may have come from space, Fisk said.

Results of the analysis were published this week in the journal Science, along with two other papers on Mars' soils.

Mars' Gale-Crater Science Instrument Finds High Percentage Of Water.

The first scoop of soil analyzed by the analytical suite in the belly of NASA's Curiosity rover reveals that fine materials on the surface of the planet contain several percent water by weight. The sample also released significant carbon dioxide, oxygen and sulfur compounds when heated. "One of the most exciting results from this very first solid sample ingested by Curiosity is the high percentage of water in the soil," said Laurie Leshin, lead author of one paper and dean of the School Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "About 2 percent of the soil on the surface of Mars is made up of water, which is a great resource, and interesting scientifically."

Curiosity landed in Gale Crater on the surface of Mars on Aug. 6, 2012, charged with answering the question: "Could Mars have once harbored life?" To do that, Curiosity is the first rover on Mars to carry equipment for gathering and processing samples of rock and soil.

One of those instruments was employed in the current research: the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite, which includes a gas chromatograph, a mass spectrometer and a tunable laser spectrometer. These tools enable SAM to identify a wide range of chemical compounds and determine the ratios of different isotopes of key elements.

"This work not only demonstrates that SAM is working beautifully on Mars, but also shows how SAM fits into Curiosity's powerful and comprehensive suite of scientific instruments," said Paul Mahaffy, principal investigator for SAM at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. "By combining analyses of water and other volatiles from SAM with mineralogical, chemical and geological data from Curiosity's other instruments, we have the most comprehensive information ever obtained on Martian surface fines. These data greatly advance our understanding surface processes and the action of water on Mars."

Thirty-four researchers, all members of the Mars Science Laboratory Science Team, contributed to the paper.
In this study, scientists used the rover's scoop to collect dust, dirt and finely grained soil from a sandy patch known as Rocknest. Researchers fed portions of the fifth scoop into SAM. Inside SAM, the "fines"—the dust, dirt and fine soil—were heated to 1,535 degrees F (835 C).

Baking the sample also revealed a compound containing chlorine and oxygen, likely chlorate or perchlorate, previously found near the north pole on Mars. Finding such compounds at Curiosity's equatorial site suggests they could be distributed more globally. The analysis also suggests the presence of carbonate materials, which form in the presence of water.

In addition to determining the amount of the major gases released, SAM also analyzed ratios of isotopes of hydrogen and carbon in the released water and carbon dioxide. Isotopes are variants of the same chemical element with different numbers of neutrons, and therefore different atomic weights. SAM found that the ratio of some isotopes in the soil is similar to the ratio found in atmospheric samples analyzed earlier, indicating that the surface soil has interacted heavily with the atmosphere.

"The isotopic ratios, including hydrogen-to-deuterium ratios and carbon isotopes, tend to support the idea that as the dust is moving around the planet, it's reacting with some of the gases from the atmosphere," Leshin said.

SAM can also search for trace levels of organic compounds. Although several simple organic compounds were detected in the experiments at Rocknest, they aren't clearly Martian in origin. Instead, it is likely that they formed during the high-temperature experiments, when the heat decomposed perchlorates in the Rocknest samples, releasing oxygen and chlorine that then reacted with terrestrial organics already present in the SAM instrument.

A related paper, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, details the findings of perchlorates and other chlorine-bearing compounds in the Rocknest sample. This paper is led by Daniel Glavin, a Mars Science Laboratory Science Team member at Goddard.

Glavin notes that SAM has the ability to perform another kind of experiment to address the question of whether organic molecules are present in the Martian samples. The SAM suite includes nine fluid-filled cups which hold chemicals that can react with organic molecules if present in the soil samples. "Because these reactions occur at low temperatures, the presence of perchlorates will not inhibit the detection of Martian organic compounds," said Glavin.

"Mars has kind of a global layer, a layer of surface soil that has been mixed and distributed by frequent dust storms. So a scoop of this stuff is basically a microscopic Mars rock collection," said Leshin. "If you mix many grains of it together, you probably have an accurate picture of typical Martian crust. By learning about it in any one place you're learning about the entire planet." - Daily Galaxy.

UFO SIGHTINGS: Strange UFO Seen Over Fresno, California - September 26, 2013!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - A strange unidentified flying object was seen hovering in the skies above Fresno in California. This was recorded on Thursday, the 26th of September, 2013.

WATCH: UFO over Fresno.

UFO SIGHTINGS: UFO Activity Seen In The Skies Over San Antonio, Texas - September 21, 2013!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - These unidentified flying objects or orbs were filmed in the skies above San Antonio in Texas on Saturday, the 21st of September, 2013 around 5 pm.

WATCH: UFO activity over San Antonio.

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